After having a meal
Enjoy the sweets that the Ufuya proud of.

Fu White (Yaatani Bonn 's Easy Baum)

Large size 2,500 yen / small size 1,350 yen

Okinawa Brown sugar is refined many times over and it is carefully charged Kanwa Sanbon sugar and carefully selected materials, baked to a soft and sweetness fabric. In addition, it is a superb Baumkuchen full of tenderness, plus a fragrant and sharp texture by fondanting and coating the rum wine · yerum made from only the squeezed juice from Ie Island.

Fuku Brown (Okinawa black sugar commitment Baum)

Large size 2,500 yen / small size 1,350 yen

Special selection · Baked sugar from Tamara Island and carefully selected materials were thoroughly charged, carefully and carefully baked layers and baked carefully so that you can make the most of deep richness and rich flavor of original sugar. It is a luxury Baumkuchen of sticking that the mellow flavor of brown sugar matched with plump and dough fabric. I have named "Fuku" with my wishes so that Fukui will visit just like everything you've eaten.

Ufuya bowl

One 300 JPY



Hall 1,380 yen / cut 350 yen

Recently, a very popular home-grown roll cake. Carefully baked and fluffy texture does not collect. Rolling cake of Takashi Sanbon that is elegant sweetness the best. Roll cake of Okinawa brown sugar with exquisite bitter bitterness and sweetness. A special cup of green tea roll cake with a refreshing green color. Please choose your favorite taste.


10 pieces entered 1,300 yen / 5 pieces entered 700 yen

It is an elegant black fabric using bamboo charcoal that makes you feel the history of the landlord, wrapped the anko living with the brown sugar flavor that used lots of brown sugar from Tamagarima Island.


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