At noon

While listening to the sound of a waterfall and the sound of a forest,
Spacious luxurious time
Please spend it.

Ufuya okinawan noodles" Soba are served at the homemade raw noodles made from the top at a noodle shop in the hometown.

We will make the "real thing" without spare effort so that customers can be pleased.

Ufuya the distribution of "water and salt" to flour carefully selected by japanese noodle craftsmen, and it has been loved by Ufuya for many years.
Ufuya made into noodles that add to the aroma of the special soup.
Please enjoy okinawan cuisine, which is proud of its unique cuisine, which pursues noodles Ufuya to "thickness Soba and "throat".

■■■Information on amount display■■■
All the amounts of dishes are "tax included".

【NEW】Cartilage Pork Spare RibSoba

The meat that can be eaten down to the bone is exquisite. We finished it in a Ufuya cartilage Pork Spare Rib.

950 JPY

Okinawa Soba

A popular classic taste. The Ufuya Okinawa Soba is a simple combination of three pieces of meat and maboko.

870 JPY

Thick slice pork of Agu pig Soba

Agu's char siu is luxuriously cut thick.
Okinawa Soba style that was unlikely.
Menu with volume.

1,860 JPY

  • Thick slice pork of Agu pig Soba
  • Juicy (Okinawa style cooked rice)
  • pickles

Soki Soba

Bone-in meat (Pork Spare Rib) simmered until it is slowly tender.
By enjoying together with the umami of Pork Spare Rib that is firmly seasoned to the bone circumference and the sticky homemade noodle hari koshi, Pork Spare Rib You can enjoy the Soba more deliciously.

920 JPY

Agu's Meat Soba Set

A menu where you can enjoy Okinawan brand pork "Agu" luxuriously.
The arm meat of the pig is carefully stewed over several hours, and it is seasoned with dark eyes. Please enjoy the texture that melts in your mouth.
The carefully stewed meat is perfect for the soup stock that enhances the aroma of the elegant homemade raw noodles.

1,800 JPY

  • Agu's Meat Soba
  • Juicy (Okinawa style cooked rice)
  • pickles

Kids Soba set

It is a menu for children.
*Children under 6 years old are eligible.

750 JPY

  • Okinawa Soba
  • Juicy (Okinawa style cooked rice)
  • dessert

[Limited quantity]

Ufuya Gozen ~ Ya ~

It is a luxurious set where you can enjoy popular Okinawan cuisine and seasonal fish in one place.
* Ingredients are subject to change depending on the season.

2,600 JPY

  • 5 kinds of seasonal tempura (2 shrimps / White fish / Golden Ginseng / Mozuku / Bitter)
  • Tentsuyu
  • Soft rafute
  • Assorted sashimi
  • Ninjin Shirishiri
  • Mimigar with sesame sauce
  • pickles
  • Mozu vinegar
  • White rice
  • Yushi tofu
  • dessert

[Limited quantity]

Ufuya Gozen ~ Hana ~

It is a luxurious set where you can enjoy popular Okinawan cuisine and seasonal fish in one place.
* Ingredients are subject to change depending on the season.

2,600 JPY

  • 4 kinds of seasonal tempura (white fish / Golden bijin ginseng / Mozuku / Seika)
  • Tentsuyu
  • Mars boiled inshore fish (salt boiled)
  • Sea grape bowl (sea grape / tuna / seasonal fresh fish)
  • Soft rafute
  • Ninjin Shirishiri
  • Handama with vinegar and miso
  • Mimigar with sesame sauce
  • pickles
  • Mozu vinegar
  • Yushi tofu
  • dessert

Yamahara Loin Tonkatsu Gozen

A farm of Gadaha livestock that spreads out on the halfway of Mt. Nago where you can hear the murmuring of the river surrounded by deep greenery.
"Loin meat" of Yamabara pork grown in a rich environment is a recommended product with fat and response to eating. Please enjoy it by all means.

2,300 JPY

  • Mountain Pork (Loin)
  • Sashimi of tuna near Okinawa
  • Yushi tofu
  • White rice
  • pickles

[Classic product related to Okinawa]

Assorted Tempura

Okinawan soul food "Okinawa Tempura" will be Ufuya in the latest version. The outside is fluffy, and the inside is finished in a delicious tempura that makes use of the taste of the ingredients.

● It is also possible to order separately ●
・ Jusi Chicken 120 JPY
Shrimp tempura 250 JPY
・200 Okinawan Pork tempura in JPY
Sea grape tempura 200 JPY

900 JPY

  • Jusi Chicken
  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Yinba Okinawan Pork Tempura
  • Sea Grape Tempura
  • Fish Tempura

Chura set menu

This is a set of dishes based on "Yushi tofu," a classic of Okinawan home-cooked dishes, with a gentle flavor. It is a very healthy and popular dish for female customers, made of pure white soft tofu and topped with Asa (Aosa nori). How about being healed by Chura Gozen during your vacation during your trip?
※The photograph is an image.

1,430 JPY

  • Yushi tofu
  • Juicy (Okinawa style cooked rice)
  • Rafuti (boiled pork belly)
  • Kubuirichi (stir-fried kelp)
  • salad
  • pickles

Agu's Ginger fried pork

Agu pork is carefully marinated in a special sauce Ufuya finished sweetly. It is a menu with a volume that makes the meat soft and juicy and hides rice.

1,700 JPY

  • Agu Ginger fried pork
  • Soup
  • salad
  • pickles

Agu's Luxury Gozen

It is a hearty menu that you can enjoy the popular menu at once. Enjoy Okinawan brand pork agu meat with two flavors.

* Dessert contents are subject to change.

2,500 Circle

  • Agu's Meat Soba
  • Ginger Grilled Rice Bowl
  • salad
  • Papaya kimchee
  • dessert

TOKUSEN Agu's the Shabu shabu

*It becomes an order from 2 servings

Please let it pass lightly in hot soup stock. The the Shabu shabu where you can feel the elegant taste of Agu pork is exquisite.

4,380 JPY

  • 200g of agu meat
  • Assorted vegetables (vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, Okinawa soba)
  • Seasonal vegetable salad
  • Agu's Coub Ilichy
  • Mozu vinegar
  • pickles
  • Seasonal vegetable salad
  • boiled gyoza

Misaki beef premium the Shabu shabu from Ishigaki Island [* Advance reservation required]

*It becomes an order from 2 servings

Misaki beef is raised from calves in a quiet natural environment that spends about two and a half years on the stone wall and does not feel stress.
Misaki beef's distinctive red meat and sweet fat, which melts in a person's body temperature when placed in the mouth, are the secrets of deliciousness.

Because it is a rare cow, only 20 meals are served per day.
It may sell out, so please make a reservation and enjoy it.

8,970 JPY

  • Misaki beef rib roast 200g
  • Sea grape salad
  • Agu's Coub Ilichy
  • Vegetables, mushrooms, island tofu, Okinawa soba
  • Prefecture product mozuku no vinegared
  • boiled gyoza
  • Isolation of island tofu
  • pickles

GOKUJYO Wagyu Sirloin Steak

GOKUJYO will be Steak japanese beef.
We have prepared exquisite high-quality meat with chewy redness and melt-in-the-skinned elegant sere (fat). Fresh and elegant Wagyu beef.
I wanted you to taste the meat and the original umami, so I prepared salt and wasabi instead of sauce simply.
Ufuya enjoy the exquisite Wagyu beef Steak at the hotel.

◾️◾️◾️ how to make a reservation◾️◾️◾️
Please make a reservation by phone or web at least 3 days before the date of use.

8,500 JPY

  • Supreme Wagyu beef sirloin steak 200 g
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • vegetable salad
  • White rice
  • Soup
  • pickles

All-you-can-drink plan [* Advance reservation required]

[Recommended if you drink more than 4 cups]
* Only customers who order a course meal for 10 people or more can order.

Per person: 90 minutes / 2,200 JPY (tax included)
Under 20 years old, half price 1,100 JPY (tax included)

【Soft drinks】
・Pineapple juice
・Mango juice
・Orange juice
・Oolong tea
・Orion Clear Free (non-alcoholic and beer-taste beverage)

【Alcoholic drinks】
* Those under the age of 20 cannot order.
Age verification may be required. Please note.
・Orion Beer
・Awamori (water, lock)
・Chuhai (Seeksa / Pineapple / Passion Fruit)
・ Wine (red / white) * It will be served in bottles (drink all the time)

2,200 JPY


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