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About facility use

  • What is the opening hours?

    [昼] 11:00〜16:30(L.O. 16:00)
    [夜] 18:00〜21:00(L.O. 19:50)


    [昼] 11:00~17:00 [夜]18:00~22:00 までの営業時間です。
  • Is there a regular holiday?

    It is open all seven days a week.
    ※ Excluding cases of weather-related disasters (temporary closure due to typhoons)
  • Is there a parking lot?

    There are 120 ordinary cars and 7 parking lots for large buses.
    The parking lot for the large bus is located 160m in front of the Ufuya.
    Ufuya is a 3-4 minute walk.
    If you come by bus, please call the Ufuya at the "Nakayama" intersection on the day.
    * Since the road is narrow, we are guiding you on one way.
  • Is the parking lot free?

    Parking is free.
    When visiting the Ufuya , please be careful as the road is getting narrower.
  • Is it possible to book lunch time?

    We are accepting reservations for lunch. For reservations, please contact us by phone or from the reservation form on our website.
    *Adults are required to order in the course one by one.
    *If you are a travel agency, please check from the travel agency only.
  • Can I enter a shop even with a child?

    Yes. Children are welcome.
    At lunchtime, we also have a set for kids Soba. There is also a seat, so if you wish, please tell the staff.
    Dinner does not have a children's menu.
  • Is it a wheelchair, can you use it?

    It's okay. However, there is a limit in the correspondence seats.
    There are seats available for wheelchairs, but the number of seats is limited.
    Also, regarding the reservation organization in the number of large number, the seat of the wheelchair will become separate. Please note.
  • Is it barrier-free?

    Some are barrier free.
    It is barrier-free from the parking lot to the main entrance of the main Ufuya , but the current situation is that there are many narrow passages in the store.
    As there is a seat only for wheelchairs, we will guide you to the dedicated seat.
  • Is there a toilet only for wheelchairs?

    Yes. There is one wheelchair-only toilet (unisex).
    Ufuya It is next to the main building. It is easy to use not only for people with disabilities, but also for elderly people, pregnant women, and those with small children.
  • Do you have children's chairs and cots?

    There are children's chairs but no cribs.
    Please tell the staff when using a child chair.
  • Is there a place to change infants' diapers?

    There is a toilet with diaper changing table.
  • Is pet allowed?

    Entering with pets is not allowed.
    Pets can not be stored, so please understand.
  • Is the restaurant non smoking?

    All restaurants in the restaurant are non-smoking.
  • Is there a smoking space in the restaurant?

    Smoking areas are located outside the landlord.
  • Can I use WiFi?


About meal menu

  • Is there a menu for children?

    Lunch child child soba set.
    Regarding the menu for children, there is "Children's Soba Set".
    Regarding desserts, you can order single items of dessert that you normally sell.
  • Do you have a menu for foreign languages?

    Yes. We have prepared a foreign language menu.
    English, Chinese and Korean menus are available. Please tell the staff when visiting us.
  • Do you have a vegetarian menu?

    Sorry to inquire, please.
  • Is it possible to use only cafe time (drink & dessert)?

    You can also use only cafe time.
  • What is the last order?

    [昼] 11:00〜16:30(L.O. 16:00)
    [夜] 18:00〜21:00(L.O. 19:50)


  • Can you dine as a stroller?

    I'm sorry. You can not eat with the stroller.
    Since there is no seat where you can eat as a stroller, you are asked to place the stroller in a predetermined place.
    For customers visiting at the stroller, please ask the staff.
  • Can we bring baby food?

    Baby food can be brought in. If you need hot water etc, please tell the staff.
    Since it may be delayed to serve when crowded, we ask that you prepare everything you need to make your baby food.
  • Is there an allergy correspondence menu?

    It's okay. It corresponds by the alternative menu.
    If you have allergies, please contact us.
    We will do our best if we can consult with you. Thank you.
    Soba flour is not used in Okinawa Soba provided by the Ufuya . We use flour.
    Please contact us if you have any allergies, as there may be other ingredients or ingredients containing Soba flour with seasoning.
  • Is there an all-you-can-drink plan?

    I'm sorry. There is no all-you-can-drink plan now.
  • Can I make a course menu according to my budget?

    We can talk from 10 people for consultation.
    When preparing a menu tailored to your budget, consultation is OK from 10 people.

About your desired room / seat

  • Can I make reservations for private rooms and seats?

    Since seats are limited, we will do our best to meet your needs.
    Depending on the seat reservation status, we may not be able to meet your request.
    For more information, please contact us by "Entering the request details in the Remarks column of the reservation form" or "Reservation by phone".

    --- Seat type ---
    There are private rooms, semi-private rooms, tatami mats, moat tatami mats, and table seats.

    * When using a private room, we have a private room for 4 to 10 people.
    * Seats with a view of the waterfall do not include group reservations such as tours.

About change / cancellation

  • I will use it for celebration, but can we arrange flowers, cakes etc?

  • Can I change the reservation schedule / number of people?

    In case of schedule change / number of people change, please contact the reservation center 3 days in advance.
    Please inform us by 6 days before Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays.
  • I want to cancel.

    In case of cancellation please contact us 3 days prior to booking.
    In case of cancellation on the day, Ufuya direct dial (81)0980-53-0280 . To thank you.

About payment

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    It is available.
  • Can I pay by electronic money?

    Payment with electronic money is not possible.
  • Can I use coupons on WEB or free paper?

    It is available. Coupon tickets on the website posting and other coupon booklets are coupons for individual customers only.
    Please note that reward coupons can not be used with other coupons.
    After confirming the content, we will contact you from the person in charge, reservation has been taken.


We accept reservations from this page

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