More than 100 years of history and memory.
I will connect the real thing to the future.

About the landlord

" Ufuya is the main", " the Asato residence " from the 100-odd years ago, was built in the late Meiji era.
Even when viewed from the historical value to repair in 2001 thought that we should leave to the future, the south side to the the Takushi residence , on the north side the Aragusuku residence relocated and restored the, Okinawa Soba and Ryukyu cuisine was opened as a shop.

Owner Story

Anasato (Asato family)

Jinya of Anasato VIII was built in Naka-shi, Nago City in 1901. It was restored in August 2001 after 100 years of construction and it reaches present. The name "Oya · Ughya" comes from the name of the Alas family. In Okinawa, which has the same surname, in many places, there are many things called by a shop name rather than an individual's first and last name, and it is said that the shop name "Ubuya" has a meaning like the head family (Mutyaer mentioned in Okinawa).

Sawajiri (Takuuse family)

Sawakaya is a house which was built in the Naki River in Nakijin-mura, Okinawa Prefecture, in the late Meiji Era, to the present place. The shop name is called "Caraya", "Caraya" means "a house with red tile-roofing", considering that most of the private houses were straw-wood at that time, "the house with red tile roof" It is said that it was a pretty wealthy house. In the construction, Charge (Inumaki Tree) was used, and it was built by a method not using nails.

Shinjo Family (Yukusuku House)

The Shinshiro moved the private house built in Yorikiki of Kunigami village of Okinawa Prefecture in 1933 to the present place. The shop name was called "Carnegie". "Carnegie" was called by such a shop name because the Shinshiro was in front of the river in the sense of "before the river". The wood used for construction is made from oak trees taken from Xiegyi mountain.

~ Walking around the garden of the landlord -

We express beautiful nature by planting beautiful southern country flowers and plants while utilizing the Yambaru Forest, which is rich in nature.
The waterfall seen from the inside of the building continues to the top of the hill, and the view from the top of the walk course overlooking the Ufuya is exceptional.
Why not take a walk after a meal.

The thought of the landlord




松本 龍也


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