We received a letter of appreciation from "Team Chura Sango"!

At the Onna Village Fisheries Cooperative Association's 50th anniversary ceremony and celebration held on November 22, 2022, we received a happy letter from Nago Pineapple Winery, which brews and sells wine from Okinawa pineapples handled by Ufuya and Ufuya Sweets Workshop.
This time, the coral conservation activity group "Team Chura Sango" to which Nago Pineapple Winery belongs has received a letter of appreciation!

【How I received the letter of appreciation】
This activity was launched in Heisei 16, started coral planting tours, and developed a program that includes educational activities.

Later, in November 24, at the "32nd National Rich Sea Development Contest" held in Itoman City, we received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (Fishery Grounds and Environmental Conservation).
In addition, at the ceremony of the same competition, we were certified as a commemorative coral planting organization handed over by His Majesty the Emperor.

In the 18 years from Heisei 16 to Reiwa 3, 3,961 people participated and planted 16,106 coral seedlings.
We received a letter of appreciation for our leading role in coral planting and for our contribution to the establishment and development of a system for planting.

In pineapple cultivation, there is also the problem of red soil runoff, so measures have been taken in the orchard.
While participating in Team Chura Sango and focusing on coral conservation activities, we are developing products linked to corals and using a portion of the sales of those products for coral conservation activities.

The popular pineapple sparkling wine "Summer Snow" is a term that describes coral spawning. The way it floats leisurely in the sea on a full moon night reminds me of the fine bubbles that rise in the glass.

Together with everyone who drinks rare pineapple sparkling wine from Okinawa, we would like to protect Okinawa's beautiful corals.


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