It is nostalgic somewhere. Hometown of the south island.

It is nostalgic somewhere.
Hometown of the south island.

It is Okinawa with no connection or connection, but it is nostalgic,
It reminds me of my hometown.
The warmth of wood, the feel of tatami mats,
A natural landscape seen from the porch.
This is because the heart of patriotism that is common to Japan people
Is it because it reminds me?

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Owner Story

Construction 100 years remaining. History of Ryukyu The old private house smells blissful to you.

A red roof roof tile makes a peep at the face like blending into the dark green forest. When going through the straw-shaped canopy, you will see a view of the courtyard and a large waterfall in the traditional living space of Okinawa. While feeling relaxed nature, you can enjoy the cuisine of the pride of the owner
Please enjoy.


"Agu Soba" was born here.

It is "Agu pig" that I want you to eat by all means at the Ufuya . Its feature is fat. Refined oil that dissolves lightly at the moment when it is put in the mouth, and the taste that is not persistent.
A menu is available for you to try various things such as Okinawa Soba and ginger grilled.

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