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3.Lunch Menu-Reservation

Agu-pork Shabu_Shabu(Lunch) ¥3,980 people
Ishigaki-WAGYU Shabu_Shabu(Lunch) ¥8,800 people ※2 or more
極上和牛ステーキ 7,800円 ※1名様より
特選和牛ステーキ 4,400円 ※1名様より

3.Dinner Menu-Reservation

If you make your food orders in advance, your service can be provided more smoothly.

  • ※Please note that [C-Moukabana] and [D-Gettou-no-Hana] dinner courses are offered with reservations only.Please be sure to make a reservation in advance to reserve the two courses
  • ※The shabu-shabu course may be ordered by groups of 2 or more. We are unable to serve the course to patrons dining alone.

If either of the following applies to you, then please select "Seat reservation only"

  • 1)If you have not decided on a menu (if you will decide after arriving)
  • 2)If small children (if eating along with meal for adults) are included among the guests in your reservation
Reserve seats only people
TOKUSEN-Agu-pork Shabu_Shabu ¥3,980 people ※2 or more
GOKUJYO-Agu-pork Shabu_Shabu ¥5,800 people ※2 or more
Ishigaki-WAGYU Shabu_Shabu ¥8,800 people ※2 or more
Ufuya-MealPlate「舞香花」 ¥7,350 people ※By reservation only
Ufuya-MealPlate「月桃の花」 ¥5,250 people ※By reservation only
Ufuya-MealPlate「伊集の花」 ¥3,150 people
極上和牛ステーキ 7,800円 ※1名様より
特選和牛ステーキ 4,400円 ※1名様より
予約数 0people
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