About the restaurant Ufuya

We have restored an old folk house of over 100 years.

If you want to enjoy traditional Okinawan cuisine and the phantom Agu pork,Ufuya,located in Nakayama,Nago City,is the place!The building was renovated out an old traditional Okinawan folk house which was the birthplace of Ufuya's president.The building was unoccupied and was about to be torn down,when the president decided to fix and restore the house from apologetic feelings towards the ancestors.The name 'Ufuya' comes from the style of the Asato residence,president's birthplace,where people would gather from long ago.Now Ufuya has become a world class famous restaurant which has many times been covered by both local and foreign TV shows and magazines.

Agu pork and Okinawan dishes

Enjoy Okinawan cuisine feeling the good old breeze of Okinawa in an old folk house filled with the flavor of Okinawa.A restaurant of old Okinawan folk house filled with memories of the satisfying smiles of customers.We have restored an old folk house of over 100 years.The black joists and the pillars one by one represent its history.A relaxing atmosphere with the refreshing sound of waterfalls.We present to you the fine atmosphere and cuisine that will surely relieve you from the busy daily life.

Welcome to Ufuya

The roots of "Ufuyaa" goes back to 2001 when the Asato residence, built in current Nakayama of Nago City in the late Meiji Era, was renovated, and later opened as an Okinawan soba and Ryukyu cuisine restaurant when the Takushi residence in the south and the Arashiro residence in the north was relocated and reconstructed.The Asato residence: The Asato residence, located in the center of Ufuyaa, was built by Fuyoshi of Asato VII in the current Nakayama of Nago City in 1901. It was renovated in August 2001when it became 100 years old, and is currently used as the central building of Ufuyaa. The appearance of the large black beam indicating the flow of time, which still strongly sustains the building today after more than 100 years, impresses customers who see it.Please enjoy Agu pork dishes and Okinawan cuisine in the relaxing atmosphere of out odl folk house of over 100 years old.The refreshing sound of waterfalls will relieve your stress.

Ufuya Ufuya Ufuya

Take a walk along the walking trail and enjoy the seasonal plants and flowers of Okinawa. Lunch featuring the sound of the waterfall.Take a walk along the walking trail featuring the flowing waterfall, Okinawan tropical plants and seasonal flowers.A walk in Ufuyaa's small forest filled with negative ion will surely relax the mind and body. A walk in the small forest of Ufuyaa